Tight Head Steel Drum cylindrical – 216.5L


Standard S.K.U.s 9021640040 9021650052
Additive capacity 215 L – 202.1Kg 215 L – 202.1Kg
Maximum diameter 585 mm 585 mm
Upper internal diameter 571.5 mm 571.5 mm
External height 877 mm 877 mm
Body thickness 0.8 mm 1.0 mm
Bottom thickness 0.8 mm 1.0 mm
Lid thickness 0.8 mm 1.0 mm
Weight Drum 14.3 kg 18.1 kg – overall weight 220.2Kg (484.44 pounds)
Body shape two W shape expanders + corrugated two W shape expanders
Seaming triple seaming triple seaming
External coating black RAL 9017 alkyd-melamine or polyester sky blue RAL 5012 alkyd-melamine or polyester
Internal coating brown phenolic brown phenolic
Sector of use food / chemicals food / chemicals
UN approval 1A1/Y1.8/150 1A1/X1.5/250

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Material safety Data Sheet (pdf)

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Product name: Tight Head Steel Drum cylindrical – 216.5L (57.27 Gallons)
Catalog Number: PRO-AR-216.5L
Price: $3500 USD
Shipping and Handling are not included.

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