Powering Vehicles

Compressed Natural gas (CNG) is an inexpensive, cleaner and safer form of energy that has been used for decades to power gas turbines or internal combustions engines (ICEs). The high-octane level of CNG makes engines run more quietly and provides them with more power. Today, CNG fuels more than 10 million cars in the world, only 150,000 of them in the US. Worldwide, the number of CNG vehicles has grown by over 30% annually, since the year 2000. Pipeline and CNG delivery systems are dense in some parts of the world, even allowing complete urban areas to be heated by CNG. However, the sparse network of 15,000 CNG fueling stations that exists across the planet holds back the widespread use of CNG for transportation. Interestingly, the demand for CNG fueling points has become so popular that several GPS supported Smartphones offer applications to help locate CNG stations in North America and in various European countries.