Energy by Nature

Methanol & Natural gas delivered straight into the engine

E.M.SH Ng-Tech offers a convenient, efficient and affordable alternative to the rapidly decreasing oil reserves. This solution –available globally– will benefit all by preserving the environment, sustaining the economy and empowering consumers.

Methanol & Natural gas, used together, create an environmentally friendly fuel that produces much lower carbon emissions than any other fossil fuel. This combination is composed of Methane, which is a colorless and odorless gas. Because it contains less carbon, it emits up to 90% less smog-producing pollutants than standard fuels such as oil or coal. This is why Natural gas is very popular among consumers and is a major source of energy globally. The main advantages of Natural gas are:

  • Clean fuel: Emits up to 50% less carbon dioxide than gasoline
  • Cost-effective: Costs up to 40% less than Gasoline
  • Safe: Less flammable than Gasoline, it can be stored and burnt in complete safety
  • Large reserves: Immense reserves remain unexploited worldwide
  • Energy efficient: High heating value (about 34,500 Btu per cubic meter)
  • Methanol: High-octane fuel (about 117)

Local Gas Providers

Local providers deliver Natural gas to end-users through a network of underground pipelines.

This infrastructure exists in many countries, where it is currently used to heat individual houses, to supply tanking stations and to power industrial equipment. When available, such facilities are only geared for fleet vehicles and individual tanking stations require many hours to fill up. Today, several technical issues still prevent motorists from using Natural gas for their vehicles:

  • Lack of access to dispensing systems
  • Time required to refuel
  • Inefficiency of retro-fitting systems for internal combustion engines (ICE), resulting in:
    • Reduced driving range
    • Reduced engine power
    • Loss of storage space needed to house CNG tanks
    • Expensive parts (e.g., tanks)
  • Complexity of retro-fitting systems involving disconnection of engine parts entails:
    • Risk of irreversible engine damage
    • Voiding of original engine warranties
    • Time-consuming retro-fitting process
    • Impossibility of transferring system to another engine
  • No available solution for Diesel engines running exclusively on Natural gas

E.M.SH Ng-Tech delivers a mixture of Methanol & Natural gas straight into the engine through state-of-the-art products. The Ng-Tech System is safe, inexpensive, quick and easy to use. It is designed for both individual customers and large industries. The Ng-Tech System fits into any existing engine cost-effectively, conveniently, efficiently and in an Eco-friendly manner.