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Methanol Fuel

Methanol is an alternative fuel for internal combustion and other engines, either in combination with Gasoline or directly (“neat”). It is used in China and elsewhere, more specifically, in racing cars. In the U.S and Canada, Methanol has become an increasingly popular alternative fuel: it is currently authorized for use in vehicles in the form of M85 (85% Methanol and 15% Gasoline).

Methanol is cheaper to produce sustainably and is also a less expensive way to reduce the carbon footprint. However, Methanol is extremely corrosive to aluminum and iron parts, therefore optimizing Methanol for engine use is very expensive. Methanol also attacks rubber parts and can cause changes in the elasticity. Methanol also corrodes the stainless steel and carbon steel that are typically used in engines. Although some rubbers can be used with Methanol –such as Teflon, among others– they are very expensive.

Fuel tanks and dispensing equipment must be corrosion and damage resistant. This is because of the potentially harmful nature of M85 (in the case of spills/leaks), and the fact that Methanol is a corrosive solvent. Fuel delivery requires use of non-corroding hoses and stainless steel fuel tanks.

E.M.SH Ng-Tech Methanol Fuel

E.M.SH Ng-Tech has successfully developed a liquid-based formula (E.M.SH Compound) which we have added to the Methanol so it will not cause corrosion or harm rubber parts. E.M.SH Ng-Tech Methanol can be used to refuel any vehicle without changing its fuel tank, rubber elements or other parts of the vehicle or engine.

Now anyone can safely use Methanol as an alternative fuel for any internal combustion engine –Diesel or Gasoline– as well as for heating purposes, in both homes and industrial settings.

E.M.SH Ng-Tech Methanol Fuel

1. D – 23DG – Methanol for Diesel engines

This fuel was especially developed for use in any Diesel engine

2.  G – 16DB - Methanol for Gasoline engines

This fuel was especially developed for use in any Gasoline engine

3.  B – 10DBH – Methanol for fireplaces, burners and other heating devices