Methanol Pricing

As can be seen Methanol prices are much lower than gasoline or Diesel. This allows anyone to benefit from using a cheap, clean fuel.


Per ton

Per liter

Europe 408 €/ton 0.323 €/Liter
North America 549 $/ton 0.434 $/Liter
Asia 490 $/ton 0.387 $/Liter

Prices are according to Methanex. Shipping and handling are not included.Updated 7th of October

Methanol vs. gasoline and Diesel





USA1 $/L/[$/gallon] 0.9 [3.425] 1.035 [3.92] 0.8 [3.04]
EU2 [€/L] 1.236 1.178 0.59
  1. Price according to EIA site: without taxes
  2. Price according to site: without VAT.
  3. Methanol price according to Methanex site: . Price is calculated in energy equivalence to Diesel and gasoline including average distribution prices.