M70 Methanol/Gasoline Shoulder Blower BG-PB 33

The BG-PB 33 M70 Methanol/Gasoline backpack leaf blower is an extremely powerful and reliable tool which enables the quick and user-friendly cleaning of open areas and niches on large grounds. All the control elements are integrated in the handle within optimum reach. With two different nozzles you can vary the outlet speed to match the blowing power to the particular needs.The BG-PB 33 has a lockable throttle for more user-friendliness during continuous operation. Its robust engine has a crankshaft with bilateral bearings for a very long service life and generates low vibrations during use. The comfortable backpack strap enables a relaxed working posture and effortless transportation.[tab:Features]

  • All control elements integrated in the handle
  • Lockable throttle lever
  • Two different nozzles for variable outlet speeds
  • Crank shaft mounted at two ends
  • Carrying strap

[tab:Technical Data]

  • Engine two-stroke engine
  • Engine displacement 33 cm³
  • Power 0.9 kW
  • Max. Speed 8500 1/min
  • Capacity of fuel tank 0.65 L
  • Blow velocity2 50 m/h

[tab:Logistic Data]

  • Product weight (kg) 5.8
  • Height (mm) 420
  • Width (mm) 350
  • Length (mm) 420
  • Gross weight (kg) 7.8
  • Pieces per export carton1


Product name: Shoulder Blower BG-PB 33
Catalog number: 3436040


  • 25 units – $255 USD per unit
  • 50 units – $235 USD per unit
  • 100 units – $215USD per unit
  • 100 + units – $200 USD per unit

Shipping and Handling are not included.

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