M70 Methanol/Gasoline Power Generator BT-PG 5500 D

The powerful BT-PG 5500 D M70 Methanol/Gasoline generators ensure that power is available permanently, reliably and safely in remote places and during a mains power failure. With its synchronous generator and smooth-running, powerful four-stroke engine it produces reliable energy for the highest supply requirements. Light sources, electrical devices and machines can be flexibly operated from two 230V socket outlets and one 400V coupling.The automatic voltage control system (AVR) protects the connected equipment by providing a stable output voltage, quickly compensating load changes, and reducing under voltages and overvoltage’s. Started by reversing start, the BT-PG 5500 D also supplies the necessary power peaks for the starting current of inductive consumers. Flexibility is provided by the selector switch for 230V / 400V. An overload switch protects the engine from permanent peak loads. Prolonged duty is no problem thanks to the generous reserves of a 25 liter tank and a long-lasting crank shaft with bilateral bearings. A tank indicator means you have the fuel level always in view. There is integrated low oil cut-out which will switch off the unit immediately if the level of oil in the engine drops too low. This generator comes with a carry-frame, hinged handle and sturdy wheels for easy transportation.[tab:Features]

  • Smooth-running and long-lasting 4-stroke engine
  • Crank shaft mounted at two ends
  • Low oil cut-out to protect against engine damage
  • Reversing starter
  • Synchronous generator
  • AVR function for stable output power in case of electronically controlled consumers
  • 2 x 230 V socket
  • 1 x 400 V socket
  • Selector switch 230 / 400 V
  • Overload switch for appliance safety
  • Large 25 liter tank with level indicator
  • Sturdy wheels, hinged handle and carry-frame for easy transport
  • Sturdy feet

[tab:Technical Data]

  1. Type of generator Synchronous
  2. Frequency 50 Hz
  3. Continuous power (S1) at 230 V3000 W
  4. Continuous power (S1) at 400 V3600 W
  5. Max. Power (S2 | S2time) at 230 V3300 W | 5 min
  6. Max. Power (S2 | S2time) at 400 V5500 W | 5 min
  7. Nominal current at 230 V13 A
  8. Nominal current at 400 V5.2 A
  9. 230 V socket 2 pcs
  10. 400 V socket 1 pcs
  11. Engine four-stroke petrol engine
  12. Number of cylinders 1 pcs
  13. Engine displacement390 cm³
  14. Engine speed3600 1/min
  15. Max. Engine power7.2 kW
  16. Fuel Methanol / Gasoline
  17. Capacity of fuel tank 25 L

[tab:Logistic Data]

  • Product weight (kg)77
  • Height (mm)625
  • Width (mm)595
  • Length (mm)700
  • Gross weight (kg)81.8
  • Pieces per export carton1


Product name: Power Generator BT-PG 5500 D
Catalog number: 4152336


  • 25      units – $860 USD per unit
  • 50      units – $840 USD per unit
  • 100    units – $850 USD per unit
  • 100 + units – $830 USD per unit

Shipping and Handling are not included.

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