Flex-Fuel Conversion Kit


  • Reduce CO, SOOT, CO2 emissions
  • Fits any Gasoline engine
  • Installation time up to 1 hour
  • All parts have safety certificates
  • Neither the vehicle computer nor any mechanical parts of the vehicle are replaced
  • No electrical wires are cut or replaced
  • Uses vehicle’s existing fuel tank

[tab:Logistic Data]

  • Product weight (kg) 0.4
  • Height (mm) 63
  • Width (mm) 230
  • Length (mm) 114
  • Gross weight (kg) 0.45


Warranty Certificate (pdf)
Installation Guide (pdf)

Fuel Saving Calculator (xlsm)
Additive Blend Calculator (xlsx)

Product name: Flex-Fuel Conversion Kit
Catalog Number: ME-ET85SR


  • 25 units – $250 USD per unit
  • 50 units – $230 USD per unit
  • 100 units – $215 USD per unit
  • 100 +units – $195 USD per unit

Shipping and Handling are not included.

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