Conversion Kit For Oil Burners

whatever oil-based burner you might have, the E.M.Sh ng-Tech oil burner methanol conversion kit is the best way to reduce fuel costs by working with a cleaner, alternative fuel that is available in abundance.

How it works

Using the E.M.SH Ng-Tech Conversion Kit, your burner will run on clean, cheap fuels such as Methanol. This not only reduces your dependence on traditional fuel sources that contribute to pollution and
 the depletion of the earth’s natural resources, but also allows you to lower expenses. Your converted burner will operate on either Methanol alone or on any other fuel you wish to use.

E.M.Sh Ng-Tech Methanol oil burner conversion kit

Important Note: After installing our Conversion Kit, the burner can also run on any liquid fuel apart from Methanol, such as Diesel, Bio-Diesel and Ethanol.

Saving money

Using the E.M.SH Ng-Tech Conversion Kit saves you money on fuel costs from the outset because Methanol is substantially cheaper than Diesel or Heating oil.

Technical specifications

  • Fits any oil burner of any size
  • Installation time up to 3 hours
  • All parts have safety certificates
  • Parts are not replaced
  • Uses existing Boiler
  • Can work on any oil fuel; regular fuels (e.g., Diesel, Heating oil) can be used instead of Methanol