Conversion Kit for Gasoline Engines

The E.m.Sh Ng-Tech Methanol/gas conversion kit for Gasoline vehicles is the OPTIMUM METHOD OF REDUCING FUEL COSTS THROUGH THE USE OF a cheaper, cleaner, alternative fuel that is available in abundance.

How it works

With a very affordable Conversion Kit installed in your vehicle you will begin to save money on fuel right away while reducing pollution and improving your quality of life. You can choose between two different Conversion Kits: Methanol exclusively, or Methanol and Gas.

E.M.Sh Ng-Tech Methanol and Gas conversion kit

Important Note: The Conversion Kit can run on any liquid fuel, such as Gasoline, Ethanol (M85, E85), Methanol, or a Gas combination including NG, Propane, CBG and Hydrogen.

Saving Money

Using the E.M.SH Ng-Tech Conversion Kit means saving money on fuel costs from the outset because Methanol or Methanol/Gas is substantially cheaper than Gasoline.

Technical specifications

E.M.SH Ng-Tech Methanol/Gas Conversion Kit components:

  • Computer and cable harness
  • Pressure regulator
  • High and low pressure solenoid valves
  • High pressure pipe
  • Approx. 30 liter High-pressure tank (depending on size of engine)
  • Gas leaking sensors
  • Gas Injectors
  • Gas/liquid refueling nozzle

Additional information

  • Fits any Gasoline engine
  • Installation time up to 4 hours
  • All parts have safety certificates
  • Neither the vehicle computer nor any mechanical parts of the vehicle are replaced
  • No electrical wires are cut
  • Uses vehicle’s existing fuel tank
  • Methanol/Gas kit (LPG/CNG) uses compact cylinder (up to 60 liters)
  • Vehicle can be refueled with the following fuels instead of Methanol:
    • Bio-diesel
    • Diesel
    • All fuels in combination with gas (LPG/NG/CBG)


  • Refueling with Methanol is just like using a regular gas station pump.
  • CNG is available at any CNG station.