E.M.SH Ng-Tech Super Heavy-Duty Anti-Corrosion & Lubricant Additive for Methanol/Gasoline Blends.

At long last, thanks to our Additive, any Gasoline-powered engine can work on Methanol/Gasoline Blends. Reduce fuel costs by blending Methanol with Gasoline in any Gasoline-powered engines. E.M.SH Ng-Tech produces and sells the ultimate and the most powerful Methanol/Gasoline Additive for any Gasoline engine: Works in any vehicle, including cars, light trucks, motorcycles, scooters, tools, etc.

E.M.SH Ng-Tech Superior Formula:

  1. Extreme anti-corrosion – Prevents the spread of rust on the fuel system and engine parts.
  2. Very easy to blend – fill and shack – 0.5% (percent) per liter of Methanol.
  3. Advanced lubrication technology – increases lubrication of engine parts.
  4. Advanced antioxidants – at any engine speed.
  5. Prevents corrosion in engine combustion – prevents foaming and oxidation in engine cylinders, pistons and rings.
  6. Reduces engine noise.
  7. Prevents the formation of “hot spots”.
  8. Works with various types of Methanol grades (min 90%).
  9. Works with 2-stroke engines – fill and shack – 1.75% (percent) per liter of Methanol.
  10. Works smoothly with M30 (30% Methanol & 70% Gasoline) WITHOUT any Conversion Kit.
Why wait any longer? Purchase inexpensive Methanol from a local supplier, blend it with our Additive and mix it with Gasoline.

How much Methanol can I blend with regular Gasoline?

  • M30 – 30% Methanol & 70% Gasoline – works in any Gasoline engine with NO modification or Conversion Kit.
  • M50 – 50% Methanol & 50% Gasoline – works in any Flex-Fuel vehicle.
  • M30 to M85 – In order to work on blends of between M40 and M85, our Methanol Conversion Kit must be installed in the vehicle – Please enter our Methanol Conversion Kit webpage to see how easily and inexpensively this can be done.
Important Notice: With our Additive, standard carburetor engines can use up to M30 (30% Methanol & 70% Gasoline) directly, with no modifications to the engine and no Conversion Kit.